Is Salman Khan To Boycott Grand Finale of Big Boss Season 10 ??

Salman Khan, the host of the Indias most watch and biggest reality show “Bigg Boss season 10” can be seen having enough of the troubles from his unique contestants- Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga. They are out of the box troubling acts, and all of us have witnessed publicity stunts and not only are we taken aback by these contestants and their acts, but also Salman finds it improper and intolerable. He is so irked with these two that he also warned show makers to not to welcome them in finale episode or else he would break his association with channel Colors. But makers haven’t truly followed the warning of Salman Khan the famous Dabangg man and called both of controversial people to the grand finale.

The fact of controversy between host and Om Swami hasn’t been hidden. The Baba called Salman as an ISI agent. Not only that but he also blamed to slapped Salman in the Bigg Boss House. Even though such intolerable events occurred, the show makers invited him for the grand finale.

Is Salman Khan To Boycott Grand Finale of Big Boss Season 10 ??
Is Salman Khan To Boycott Grand Finale of Big Boss Season 10 ??

The news channel currently showed about invitations to Om and Priyanka. Here at the show, it was seen that Om said that he would come to the event of the grand finale but also with that he will break bones of Salman and burn down the Bigg Boss house. Such statements have crossed the limits of not only the Bigg Boss fans but also Salman himself.

Of course, Salman is known not to see a silent show and not react, but he is one who would respond to it whenever needed. So some of the action on his behalf is expected soon. However one of the options would be not attending the grand finale event if the baba is also invited. Two hot heads on one platform won’t be seen.



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