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Jaguar To Launch New Sports Car In 2017


Jaguar is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover which is a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in England & which is owned by the Indian Company Tata Motors since 2008. The Land Rover, the sister company of Jaguar has developed its very own sports car, the Velar. According to the report, the Range Rover is set to be introduced with a fourth model named the Velar. McGovern was very much keen to retain some of the mystery before the official launch of Range Rover’s all new models which will sit between the Range Rover sport & Evoque. But, it has always rejected the comparison with the Mercedes-Benz GLE & BMW X6 Coupe.

Jaguar New Sports Car 2017

The Range Rover as a brand has massive equity & its equity is comparable to certain brands. Range Rover as a brand is very much strong & effective; there is nothing else like it. We have proven it with the things like the Evoque, & we will likely prove it again & again with the each passing time with the Velar that we have the ability to evolve & stretch & to have a much greater reputation in the market place.

Jaguar To Launch New Sports Car In 2017

According to the car magazine, McGovern later on added that even if people will criticize him, the brand new Range Rover is still going to be on the rocks. And, the proof of this saying is going to be how these cars sell out, & when you will see the Velar, you will be quite surprise by its look. It is really a masterpiece class in a modernist age.

This brand new sports car “Velar” will surely add up the competition that Jaguar might soon face. Whatever the case is, Jaguar will always be at its best to effectively compete the market.