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Jay Inslee Can’t Be The President.


Democratic Washington gov. Revealed last Wednesday that he is no more participating in the campaign to be the President.
He said now it’s clear that he will not be carrying the balls anymore- he is backing up from the race to be the President. Inslee also said in an interview that he has been fighting against climate change from the last 25 years. And he has never been so confident about the ability if America nowadays to reach critical mass to move the ball.


The combating change of climate from last 25 years in Washington is the massive issue which was motivating his campaign, every time he uses to say to the reporters that the climate crisis affects all problems faced by the country. With a mindset and plans, he launched a series of projects that tied with the issue of everything from foreign policy to the economy to the labor laws. But governer failed to get the attention and support to take down President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Inslee did recently reached the donor threshold to get qualified for the next and third democratic national debate, Yet he was doubtful to train and to reach the polling threshold. In a tweet for his supporters mentioning his exit on Wednesday, he said about the climate-based policy from other democratic candidates that rooted his campaigns golden standard.

Many of the campaigns started with not that much attention to climate, but from the day his campaign began, he has seen almost all the severe candidate pulling out a plan for the environment, he said that we have the topic of climate coming up in both debates. And now they have two networks hosting that telecast about the climate forums in September- he added.

Pointing out the current leaders last Wednesday Inslee said that all the candidates are 100% better than the current occupant, no question about that. He said that he is not pointing a single candidate tonight, he thinks a number of them have better and performing ideas but every one of them should highen their game and plans.