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Jeffrey Epstein Paid $350,000 in cash to the witnesses in his sex trafficking case


Jeffrey Epstein is not getting out of the jail very soon as he recently got accused of witness tampering. As per the recent news, it came out that Epstein paid $350,000 in cash to the witnesses who knew that he sexually abused dozens of girls. He is already charged with sex trafficking and is under trials. He paid two people who were supposed to testify against the criminal at the trials. These findings were exposed by the prosecutor during the court filing as he was against granting Epstein bail.

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The prosecutors wrote, “This course of action, and in particular, it’s timing, suggests the defendant was attempting to further influence co-conspirators who might provide information against him in light of the recently re-emerging allegations.” If you are still wondering about the whole story, so here is your catch. Jeffery Epstein who is a multimillionaire got charged in the crime of sex trafficking of the girls who were below eighteen and all this happened between the years 2002 and 2005. Epstein has not pleaded guilty yet and is behind the bars right now till his testification.

It is being said that Epstein used to run a sex-trafficking enterprise. He uses to pay girls below the age of 14 years to have sex with him at his Upper East Side home in New York and his estate in Palm Beach, Florida. He used to recruit those girls by using his employees and associates who were supposed to bring girls to his places and them he used to pay those victims to get other girls for him to have sex. His next hearing is scheduled on Monday in which his lawyers are going to file a request for his bail. Prosecutors said in court that Epstein is a high risk for them as he can sabotage the whole case by using his wealth against the court and manipulate the possible testifiers.