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Jessica Simpsons Finally Welcomes Her Daughter ‘Birdie’

She kept her fans updated by her posts when she was pregnant.


Jessica Simpsons was expecting a baby and now the good news has come that she has delivered a baby girl which she named ‘Birdie’. Jessica became the mother for the third time. Singer and designer married Eric Johnson who was the NFL player. She took a photo and Instagrammed it on March 19 telling everyone that her daughter weighed 10 pounds, 13 ounces. She kept her fans updated by her posts when she was pregnant as she experienced many problems during that phase. Jessica and Johnson have their two other children also, one son named Ace and another is a daughter named Maxwell.

Jessica Simpson
Image Source: ABC News

“We are so happy and proud to announce the birth of our perfect daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson,” Simpson wrote on Instagram when she shared the photo of her newborn in the black and white filter. Johnson revealed the good news of the third pregnancy in August.

“This little baby girl will make us a family of five,” she added alongside a snap of her kids surrounded by smaller pink balloons. “We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life.” Simpson captioned the photo of her children when they shared the moment of her children announcing the gender of the child.

Simpson was asked how her children are reacting about their new sibling then she replied, “the questions I get on the daily from Maxwell and Ace are hilarious.”

“They want to know every detail — like how milk comes out of Mommy, how the baby will actually get here and if my belly button is a speaker to communicate with the baby,” Simpson added.

The star also noted that she and her husband “are constantly cracking up and trying to figure out how to be honest … but not traumatize them or the friends and teachers we know they are sharing every detail with!”