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Johnson & johnson Fined $572 Million.


A few days back Johnson and johnson were fined for paying $572 as they were contributing to the drugs, may more other companies also who were taking medications or were contributing towards that got fined under the same.

Image Credit: WSJ

There are more than 2000 cases of drugmakers that are still under process and yet to get solved. All this shows the efforts department of justice putting into investigating after the prescription given by the doctor.
The first case which got solved by the department of justice was Oklahoma’s Case after that two more drug makers got the fine, and later Johnson & Johnson got to focus.
It said that Johnson & Johnson were promoting a false campaign that was developing a drug and addiction to that drug can lead to chronic pain. The increase in the selling of this drug along with the maximum number of deaths after the sale of this in Oklahoma wasn’t a coincidence.
Record says that more than 326 pills distributed in 2015 which is more then enough to get addicted or to get died because according to the population if 326 pills were distributed that means everyone can have 110 pills each
Johnson & Johnson were fined this amount for what they did in 1 year, but the state was requesting for 20 years. So the court decided to excellent them for one year and said that this money would go for the treatment of that drug addicts or to those hospitals or NGO who works on overdose prevention
. Justice in this cade resulted in the significant victory of the Oklahoma and those citizens who lost their family or loved ones because if of an overdose of this drug. There were more than 400,000 deaths from the year 1999 to 2017 some data of various reports says.