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Keep Your James Bond Craze On With Netflix

Netflix brought almost every movie except the latest ones like Never Say Never Again.


James Bond the well-known name which everyone likes. Almost 70% of us loves Bond and his intelligence. Many actors played the role of James Bond in different movies, but we have our own favourite James Movies. Netflix is the package of all the beautiful films at a single platform. There is good news for all the Bond fans out there that now all the movies are streaming on Netflix so you can enjoy them sitting at your home anytime. In recent months, Netflix brought almost every film except the latest ones like Never Say Never Again. But there is a lot of confusion about which movie we should watch first.

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We are here to solve your problem as we have come with the list of best Bond movies which you will surely enjoy. The first movie was Goldfinger released in 1964; it is having some of the iconic moments which makes the movie memorable. Jill Masterson is seen as the golden girl. The second one is Casino Royale which is released in 2006. Daniel Craig is seen in the lead role. Next is You Only Live Once which was released in 1967 and Sean Connery’s performance is adorable.

We cannot miss Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die as the film contains unimaginable villains who want to destroy the world. Also, the film has the best song of Bond series which was also nominated for the Oscar Award. Dr No is another great movie on our list. Sean Connery played the role of James Bond who travels to Jamaica in order to find out devious members of Spectre. GoldenEye which was released in 1995 is yet another good film in the Bond series. Irish actor Pierce Brosnan maintained the funny as well as surprising elements in the movie. The Living Daylights, Thunderball, Tomorrow Never Dies are also good.