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Kindergarteners Surprised Their School’s Deaf Guardian by Signing The Words ‘Happy Birthday


Group of a student in Kindergarteners doing anything in unison tends to be kind, but this video takes the whole credit as it is so gentle and sweet.

The school identity is not only be made by their students and teachers, but it is also made up of much more than that. There are many more people by which it runs properly and smoothly such as a caretaker, janitors, sweeper etc. and these people have a much higher impact on a kid than we often acknowledge.

Hickerson elementary school in Tennessee have a special relationship between student and their custodian Anthony. Anthony James has been the Coffee Country School District since 1991 And was working in Hickerson for 15 years. Anthony James the joyful janitor also known as James.

Kindergarteners have sung the Happy Birthday song for Mr. James.at his 60th Birthday

Mr. James has a hearing problem. So teachers Mrs. Allyssa Hartsfield and Mrs. Amy Hershman in Kindergarten taught all the student that how to sing the words”Happy Birthday” song to surprise him and they get successful in doing that.

Teaching Kids To Appreciate Every Member Of A Community Is A Beautiful Thing.

This sweet video on the Internet gives a very powerful impact. As former students shared their memories of Mr. James in Facebook comments. As James has spent half of his life in spreading joy, happiness and kindness and what he gets back are the love from the student. It shows that love is from both the side.

This video clip shows that few efforts can make any person very happy. As in the video, we see how Mr.James get surprised by the student and even also seen that how kids have learned first-hand and perform it so well. In the end, all ends up good.