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Kylie Jenner confirms pregnancy news as rumors

The story made about Kylie Jenner's insecurity during pregnancy is also fake and doesn't have any meaning.


Kylie Jenner again becomes the part of the rumors that she is pregnant. In the recent report, Kylie Jenner tells that how she is battling with this all. Her struggle is meaningful, as there are a number of gossips and rumors about her which can make a new record too. These rumors start from the comments made by serial fabricators at Hollywood Life.

The comments about Kylie Jenner includes that she is struggling after being pregnant and wants to see herself in her pre-body. It was also said about Kylie that she is not much happy with her pregnancy and had become alone which now becomes the disturbing point for her now. The sources also say that she is taking it as difficult as she thought it to be.  Kylie Jenner actually gets disturbed hearing a number of rumors about her.

Kylie Jenner confirms pregnancy news as rumors

Besides this, the rumors about  Kylie Jenner is as that she is not pregnant as she caught buying tampons. Now the comments are making against the website for updating the people with much fake news. This is calling to be a disrespectful and disgraceful step from the people for making such rumors.

At this, the site appears to defend itself and now proved that there is not proved source about this news. This is purely calling to be the gossips as there is no closed source from Kylie Jenner side to confirm this news. After this, all the story made by Gossip Cop called to be fake as it doesn’t seem to have any proper prove for it.

Besides this, the story made about Kylie Jenner’s insecurity during pregnancy is also fake and doesn’t have any meaning. The news now confirmed totally fake and there is no such things happen with Kylie Jenner os far this gets confirmed after this.