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Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Changes In Her Body Due To Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner welcomed her now 7-month-old daughter with her 26-year-old rapper boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1.


The new mommy has a lot to say about motherhood and the change it brings to her body. KarJenner sisters are blessed with incredible figures, for which they are famous across the world. But the 21-year-old new mommy and almost billionaire, Kylie Jenner says pregnancy has changed her body completely. The youngest KarJenner sister opened up about the changes she feels in her body after giving a birth to her baby girl, Stormi Webster, in the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of Glamour UK. 

Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Changes In Her Body Due To Pregnancy
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The Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur welcomed her now 7-month-old daughter with her 26-year-old rapper boyfriend Travis Scott on February 1. The reality TV star hid her pregnancy and remained away from the spotlight throughout her pregnancy.

“Pregnancy completely changed my body at a super young age,” the reality TV star said. “But I really don’t care.”

The makeup mogul took to her YouTube page and said back in July, “I feel like people think that I bounced back super fast, which I guess I did.” She continued, “People can get the wrong idea on Instagram sometimes.”

Kylie said alongside her BFF Jordyn Woods, “My boobs are … three times the size, which bothers me. I have stretch marks on my boobs. My stomach isn’t the same, my waist isn’t the same, my butt’s bigger, my thighs [are] bigger.”

The reality TV star added, “And honestly, I’m finding I have to change my style a little because nothing in my closet fits me from before.”


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Kylie who rocked glittery purple lips one of the three magazine covers also spoke out about handling her makeup line and daughter Stormi. The reality TV star who recently turned 21 on August 10, told Glamour UK, “I work hard for Stormi and being able to pass Kylie Cosmetics onto her — if she is interested — would be such a cool thing to do.”

The makeup mogul went on to say, “Most importantly, the business has given me a purpose. I love to work, as Mom has installed such a great work ethic in all of us. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know what I would do.” She added, “I get to create, it exercises my mind and I am always thinking of how to make the formulas or develop new products.”

Kylie made a big confession back in July that the reality TV star removed her lip fillers that generated buzz on social media and everywhere.

A source told People back in July, “Kylie has been so much more relaxed and natural since Stormi was born.” The source said, “She’s softer in a way. And she’s just as busy as ever, but her priority is her daughter.”

To read the full interview of Kylie Jenner have a look at the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of Glamour UK, which is available on newsstands and digital download.

Kylie recently gave her fans and followers a glimpse of her beauty routine including a lot of snuggling with her baby girl, Stormi. The little baby girl appears holding onto her star mother’s long hair and robe in a sweet Snapchat video and photo.

In the adorable video, Kylie seems to getting her makeup done while sweetly holding her baby girl. Kylie wrote in the caption of adorable video, “she is not letting go of mom😂💜.”


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she is not letting go of mom😂💜

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The proud mother of one also posted a picture of their makeup session to which she captioned, “Stormi getting ready with mom👶🏽.”

Kylie has been sharing her baby girl’s adorable pictures and videos on her social media accounts since welcoming her with the “Butterfly Effect” hitmaker. The new mom recently shared a mother-daughter picture enjoying sunbathing together.

The always has been vocal about her feelings when it comes to her “little angel” whom she called “my most special gift.”

A source told People just after Kylie celebrated her 21st birthday with her pals and family in August that while the reality TV star “is very proud that she is only 21 and has accomplished so much already,” there is an experience that is the closest to the makeup mogul’s heart — Motherhood!

“She just loves being her mom,” the source added. “She says the best thing to happen to her is Stormi. She is crazy about her little girl.”

The makeup mogul recently shared a video of herself on Snapchat and Instagram Story, showing off her toned post-pregnancy body, wearing black track pants and white bra, she was all smiling to see her abs six months after giving birth to her baby girl.

Kylie wrote in the caption, “Abs making a comeback!!!!” She also added a few weary-faced emojis and praying hands emoji at the end of the caption.


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skinny mini

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However, the youngest KarJenner sister hasn’t posted as many workout session videos as her elder sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, but the makeup mogul kept her fans and followers updated with her new products launches and head-turning outfits since giving birth to her baby girl, Stormi.

Despite being a fashion diva and style icon for many, Kylie shared how her thinking has been changed since becoming a mom. During an interview with her 22-year-old supermodel sister Kendall Jenner for Vogue Australia’s September issue.

Kylie said in the interview, “I think more of the future. I used to live each day as it came, and now I look at the future more.”  She added that since giving birth to baby Stormi, “I actually feel like I love myself more.”

The Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur went on to say, “I’m trying to be… I mean, I’m already a positive person, but just having fun, being positive.”

She added that since welcoming her dear daughter, the makeup mogul is trying to “accept everything about” herself. She went on to explain, “Even my ears, I always felt like they stuck out too far, and [Stormi] has the same ears as me and so now I love my ears. It’s just having a different outlook on life so I can pass that on to her.”

She continued, “I want to be an example for her. What kind of example would I be if she said she didn’t like her ears, and then I didn’t like them either? I just want to teach her that.”

Kylie, who is famous for her billion-dollar cosmetics business across the world, shared what beauty means for her and what lessons she’s willing to pass on to her little one. The makeup mogul said, “I felt the most confident when I was probably a child and had no care in the world. My family has let me just be a free spirit and let me be who I am.”

The new mom, who gives the credit to her famous family for teaching the star the importance of inner beauty, said, “A beauty lesson that I want to pass on to Stormi is probably just be carefree and experiment, and let her experiment with her look and who she wants to be.”

Kylie made it clear that celebrating individuality is what important to the reality TV star. Kylie who graced the cover of Forbes and generated a lot of buzzes wore a black color long-sleeve jacket for the magazine.

The Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur said in front of the camera for her cover shoot, “Beauty to me means being yourself. Beauty to me means Stormi. I think confidence makes someone beautiful. Life is beautiful. Marriages, sunsets.”

A source told People, “Kylie has been so much more relaxed and natural since Stormi was born.” The source continued, “She’s softer in a way. And she’s just as busy as ever, but her priority is her daughter. She’s much more comfortable in t-shirts and cozy pants. She feels much more like herself and it’s easier, kind of like her mom uniform!”

In the interview conduct by Kendall, the youngest KarJenner sister opened up about how her beauty brand grows with so fast.

“My Lip Kits started with, number one, my obsession with makeup and lips specifically and just how I took my insecurity with my lips and turned it into my business model,” Kylie said. “Something I just became obsessed with was lips and lipstick, and how wearing lipstick made me feel. I just loved bigger lips, and I just got obsessed. To this day, I can’t leave the house without lipstick. So, I just think I’m obsessed with doing my make-up and watching tutorials and that’s kind of how Kylie Cosmetics started.”

Kylie said to end the video, “10 years from now, I just want to be happy, whatever I’m doing.”

The reality TV star said in the video, “I find inner peace by shutting my phone off and going into my little bubble and just focusing on myself and my circle.”