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Land Rover’s ultra-luxury Range Rover SV Coupe is here


Luxurious automobile manufacturer Range Rover has apparently confirmed reports regarding the establishment of a brand-new, limited-edition, highly-luxurious Range Rover SUV which will feature the two-door facility. Fans have been receiving few glimpses to what the car might actually look like through an unproven number of leaks and speculations. According to a report published by The Telegraph, the automobile is expected to be called Range Rover SV Coupe.

Land Rover’s ultra-luxury Range Rover SV Coupe is here.

The report further adds how the Range Rover SV Coupe will actually be manufactured by Land Rover’s SVO (Special Vehicle Operation), whose department is situated in Warwickshire. The automobile manufacturer expects only about 999 of such units to be sold.

There is no official word on the price but it is expected to cost around £200,000. Apart from this, only the interior of the JLR has been publicly distributed. On the basis of the picture, the interior seems to pack an attractive cabin with a distinctive full-length center console.

The console is decorated with a banded wooden inlay and perfected with aluminum fitting. “The four seats appear to be upholstered in quilted leather, and we note that the front is finished in a different colour to the rear; such emphasis on the front seats is likely to give the impression of a 2+2 when the rear two are vacant,” notes the Telegraph.

The infotainment section within the vehicle also appears to be highly advanced by nature. One can easily operate controls through the settings.  “The Range Rover SV Coupé is a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed, interior,” gushed chief design officer Gerry McGovern. “This is a vehicle that will resonate on an emotional level,” he further adds. The company greatly emphasized upon the fact the original Range Rover is similar to its 1970 model and thus, will click with the right type of audience.