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Las Vegas: Driverless shuttle meets road crash on its first day

Navya's Shuttle had a bad collision with a truck in its first day on Las Vegas roads.


It seems awkward when a self-driven shuttle and a human-driven truck collides with each other and authorities blames the human. The accident happened in the downtown of Las Vegas on Thursday left everyone with a question, Is modern robots are capable of taking over the human tasks.

Self-driven Shuttle

As according to KSNV-TV, a self-driving shuttle and a human-driven truck collide with each other on Thursday. It was the very first day for the self-driven shuttle on the roads of Las Vegas. The shuttle of Navya company (A French automobile brand). It was not good to have an incident on its very first day on the roads of Las Vegas.

The shuttle collides with a human-driven truck and later it strikes with the road which proved that this shuttle is not that much good for Las Vegas city as of now. People who were sitting in the shuttle were shaken completely. “The shuttle just stayed still. And we were like, it’s going to hit us, it’s going to hit us. And then it hit us,” passenger Jenny Wong told KSNV. 

Navya, the maker of this shuttle didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment. But the Shuttle’s sponsor, AAA released a statement on Twitter saying “Truck making delivery backed into the shuttle, which was stopped. Human error causes most traffic collisions and this was no different. The driver of the truck was cited. No one hurt except a bruised bumper!”

The city Las Vegas gave its own statement showing that the shuttle stopped as normal but the truck did not which made them collide with each other. They added, “Had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has the accident would have been avoided.”

A spokesperson over there added. “Well, if the shuttle had been driven by a human, it might not have just stood there, waiting to be hit.”