Latest iPhone 8 Rumors Leaks 5.8-Inch ‘Wraparound’ Screen Design & Much More

It has been predicted by many analysts that the iPhone 8 would be the best smartphone from Apple. Apple is just supported in his statement earlier in the month that the Apple is just getting started to be the trendsetter in the smartphone industry. Wireless charging is to be rumored as to put as the main feature of the iPhone 8’s main features. Reports are shows that the iPhone 8 will going to be much bigger than its predecessors and the 5.8-inch phone is going to have an OLED screen and would be capable of facial recognition.

iPhone 8 Rumors Leaks

The last page of the rumors predicted that Apple is thinking to launch three new iPhone models of the year. Apple would veer away from LCD screen and the new handsets will launch this year will going to use OLED screens from Samsung. The iPhone 8 may be the only set going to have the OLED screen as flew by the latest rumors. Th upgraded iPhone 7 models could be seen using the LCD screen although this decision is left on the Samsung’s ability to get in with the needed parts.

Latest iPhone 8 Rumors Leaks 5.8-Inch 'Wraparound' Screen Design & Much More
Latest iPhone 8 Rumors

The Facetime, camera, Touch ID fingerprint sensor and even the earpiece would have going to be all embedded in the iPhone 8’s ‘wrap around’ screen. The design will going to be look alike to most of the Samsung models since it will have a ‘fixed flex’.

iPhone 8 Features

The analyst Timothy Arcuri predicts that aside from the features indicated above, Apple will also going to have facial recognition in its flagship line. The said feature will not only going to give access to the users to unlock their phone using their face, it will also going to enable some features through gestures.

Huawei and LG has already enables similar technologies in their cameras as noted by the publication. In this type of feature a photo will be captured automatically when a smile has been detected. iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled in September.



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