Latest New Features Of WhatsApp Send Messages Without the Internet!

Upcoming WhatsApp Features WhatsApp a well known, world class Mobile Messaging Application used by more than a Billion people across the world. These days WhatsApp became a necessary application for every smartphone. In most of the Asian countries, whatsapp is being used as a primary messaging application over all the available social networking sites and mobile messaging applications. As everyone knows now, whatsapp is acquired by Facebook and WhatsApp getting fantastic updates frequently to impress the audience greatly. Here are some of the upcoming features of WhatsApp Messenger. Do check them, and stay updated with them.

Latest New Features Of WhatsApp Will Really Impress You!
Latest New Features Of WhatsApp Will Really Impress You!

Latest New Features Of WhatsApp

  • Most of the WhatsApp users are aware of Share Location option in WhatsApp messenger. Till today this feature is limited to friends. I mean we can share our location only with our friends in private. We can’t share our location in WhatsApp groups. In the next update, WhatsApp lets you share your location in your WhatsApp groups. With this you can meet your friends, you can see how far your friend living from your location, and a wide range of advantages!
  • It is rumored that WhatsApp iOS Update Allows You Send Messages Even Without the Internet! Many people are thinking, how’s it possible! Much more information regarding this rumor yet to be unveiled.
  • One more interesting features which we can expect in WhatsApp next update it, Status Indicator. I feel it is something impressive! In Hike Messenger, we get a notification when any of our friend changes status or profile pictures. This feature is not available in WhatsApp yet! In the very next update, WhatsApp developers focusing on Status Indicator which sends you a notification when any of your friends changes their WhatsApp status.
  • Extensive Media Sharing. As of now, we can share only 10 images with our friends. Either in personal messages or in messages we can’t share more than 10 images at a time. In the next update, you’ll be able to share more than 30 images at a time. It’s massive!

If all these features added to WhatsApp it will become more productive than before!

All the above mentioned Upcoming WhatsApp features are rumored by biggies, most of them will come true! Official announcement yet to come from WhatsApp Developers!



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