Latest New Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone Features Specs

Smartphones have become on of the most common trend of the country. What changes in the trend is the version of android or the handset with new features. For almost years, Samsung is ruling the smartphone market with the widest range of trendy handset. The latest addition in the list is the galaxy S8 smartphone which will be making its way in the market from March 29 onwards. However, the history of mobile launches clearly says that it will reach India after the mid of April only.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Features Specs

Since the new smartphone is build up with very high expectations, it will not be produced in the hurry. Even the specification, that have been revealed till now did not let us rethink on the decision of buying the handset. Unlike other phones, it will not have any button on front and will have the curved edges offering the wrap around display. Adding the new features to S7, it is definitely been offering something better. Here is the list of what we got to know about the phone.

Latest New Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone Features Specs
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone
  1. Design:

As mentioned above, the smartphone is all about design as no other smartphone has the design as that offered in s8.

  1. Processor:

The smartphone will be having latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.

  1. RAM:

It will offer RAM of 2 sizes 4 and 6 GB out of which 6 GB is supposed to be prevalent worldwide.

  1. Screen:

While S8 will be having 5.8 inch display, S8 plus will be having 6.2 inch screen.

  1. Camera:

There will be a dual camera setup with zoom lens. Autofocus is added to front camera.

  1. Software:

Android Nougat 8 will be rolling on the smartphone.

  1. Battery:

Battery capacity is expected to be around 3000 mAh.

The expected price has been estimated to be 59000 for 64 GB model.



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