Home Technology Latest Rumors AMD RX Vega Features Specs, Release Date, Price

Latest Rumors AMD RX Vega Features Specs, Release Date, Price


AMD is in the spotlight right now, mainly thanks to its new range of Ryzen processors. They may not be thrashing Intel’s best at outright performance, but they certainly are on price. Read our Ryzen 7 review for more. The Radeon RX Vega is the name of AMD’s next-generation graphics cards, and we have high hopes they will take the fight to Nvidia, which has just announced the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

AMD RX Vega Features Specs, Release Date, Price

If 2016 was a good year for PC gaming, then 2017 is about to see the market become a whole lot more competitive, with AMD taking on Nvidia with its brand-new Vega graphics architecture. If you’re looking to buy a new graphics card – or a new PC – this year, here’s what you need to know.

Latest Rumors AMD RX Vega Features Specs, Release Date, Price

Vega is the name AMD is giving to its new range of graphics cards, which are set offer a huge leap forward on the company’s previous efforts. This isn’t surprising, given that AMD has made wholesale changes to almost every part of the chip.


Although AMD revealed a few details about Vega at the Game Developers Conference a couple of weeks ago, it hasn’t yet said anything about pricing. We already know that the current flagship Radeon RX 480 is surprisingly cheap, but it’s also way behind Nvidia’s best for performance.

Vega should address that, and we hope AMD can keep the prices down. A GTX 1080 Ti will set you back the best part of £700 ($700) which makes it the most expensive component in most PCs.


This is where things get technical, but stay with us. Here’s your “too long; didn’t read” list of the advancements we’re expecting.

  • Refined task distribution for more efficient performance
  • Improved power efficiency in less challenging tasks
  • Less heat generation in high-end tasks
  • Potential for more efficient laptop chips
  • More memory on high-end cards with HBM2
  • Less unnecessary rendering of 3D objects the player can’t see

AMD says that Vega will deliver its biggest graphics improvements in five years – and we’re not going to doubt the firm’s ambition given the big changes it has made. At its heart, Vega is based on the Graphics Core Next architecture that’s been around since 2013, but huge refinement is on show throughout.


Huge architectural improvements mean that I expect flagship Vega cards to match or even surpass Nvidia’s Pascal cards, and that means the more affordable cards should also be great when it comes to 1080p and 1440p gaming.

There’s plenty we don’t yet know about Vega, but the facts that have emerged sound superb – so we can’t wait to get our hands on AMD’s new cards later this year.