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Leaked! Apple iPhone 8 Expensive Secrets Like Wireless Charging & Iris Scanner Gets Leak


Having an iPhone is always considered to have a privilege among the people. It has always been considered as the thing of privilege. Due to its immense popularity and never ending upgradations, it has always been preferred. And features like Siri have made its popularity reach to a level as never before. The latest release of iPhone 7 have been appreciated very much and speculations have been started to be made. For now, the latest version is supposed to bring out the most significant changes in technology.

Apple iPhone 8 Features Leaked News

In a new report released by KGI securities, Apple will be finally introducing wireless charging across its upcoming phone ranges.  However, it will get doubled with the fast wired charging. The revelations have been made by none another than Ming-Chi Kuo which is known to be the best apple analyst on the planet.

Further, in addition to the upcoming features, there will be three new iPhones in 2017. According to the report, two incremental 7s updates have been scheduled to get introduces and an all new iPhone 8 with the OLED technology. The complete changes have been made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

Well, the change seems very much tempting. Is there any chance of the downside? Well there is one. Kuo says that the feature of wireless charging will certainly lead to the price hike. The reason for doing so is also mentioned by the person.

According to him, the wireless charging component & Iris Scanner that hs been added inside the phones create a lot a heat and in order to protect the 3D touch sensor, a new layer of Graphite needs to be added. However the users are going to experience a very big change in every aspect.