Lenovo Yoga A12 Smartphone Features Specifications Price Release Date

Lenovo Yoga are the future generation Tablets which are going to create a new sensation in Tablets Market. Lenovo of the leading Electronics manufacturer, earlier who created a brand for themselves with their innovative skills, the company Lenovo won the hearts of many customers in different consumer electronics especially in Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. A couple of years ago Lenovo sold millions of Budget smartphones.

However, the craze of every device is maintained for a period of time, after manufacturing some decent number of smartphones, currently Lenovo focusing on Manufacturing Smart Tablets. With all new technology, with special care, Lenovo built a smart tablet named Lenovo Yoga A12 whose features may blow your mind. For your information, Lenovo Yoga A12 is a 2-in-1 device which can be used as a Tablet and can also be used as a Laptop.

Lenovo Yoga A12 Features Specifications

Lenovo Yoga A12 has 12.2 Inch qHD display with 1200×800 Resolution, and the device Lenovo Yoga A12 comes with a Virtual keyboard which replaces usual the Hard keyboard. A back-lit input touch panel replaces the hard keyboard. Lenovo Yoga A12 by default runs on Android V 6.0.1 that is Android Marshmallow. There is no certain news on Android Nougat update. We have to wait few more days to know whether the device Lenovo Yoga A12 gets Android Nougat update in future or not. Lenovo Yoga A12 is rotatable. You can use Lenovo Yoga A12 in a complete 360 degrees. Flexible to carry and use!

Lenovo Yoga A12 Smartphone Features Specifications Price Release Date
Lenovo Yoga A12 Smartphone Features Specifications Price Release Date

Lenovo Yoga A12 has Intel Atom X5 tablet processor. The device Lenovo Yoga A12 will come up with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. There are several variants available in Lenovo Yoga A12. For more information regarding Lenovo Yoga A12 2-in-1 device, has a look at Lenovo’s official website. As per the source of information we have, the device Lenovo Yoga A12 made live for sales from 8th February through Lenovo official website.

Lenovo Yoga A12 pricing starts from $299. There are several variants in Lenovo Yoga A12. So starting from $299.99 to $500 you will find a different featured 2-in-1 device Lenovo Yoga A12. Have a detailed read over the Lenovo Yoga A12 features and specifications before you buy!



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