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LG G6 Smartphone With G6 UX Interface Check Release Date Features Specifications


Waterproof phones. Yay yes isn’t? We are all careless enough and need a feature like this for our phones. The Korean technology company LG is known for its G-series smartphones which has been its USP since it has entered the world of smartphones. And to our bewilderment the company is high over heels to treat its customers with a newest smart phone that would be added to the G -series later this month.

LG G6 & G6 UX Smartphones Details

LG G6 would be a new member to the G family that would be launched with the latest waterproof technology and a user-friendly interface. This would be a new leap for the company as it has never launched a waterproof design device earlier as of now which other companies have already been doing.

LG Upcoming G6 & G6 UX Smartphones Release Date Features Specifications

Multi-tasking would become a much easier task with this new handset. Where the user would be able to type a note on one side of the screen, he would be able to surf internet on the other side simultaneously. Now, isn’t this something great? Also, the calendar in the handset comes with some exciting features. Titling the phone horizontally would display the calendar with all the specified schedules and details on one side and calendar on the other. This would make it easier for us to schedule our days.

It has an updated UX 6.0 interface which would allow its users to view multimedia contents in 18:9 ratio. It features a square camera which would divide the display into two perfect squares and allow the users to capture images in 1:1 format. The interface comes with a food-mode shooting mode which will allow users to create their own GIF files.

The handset will be unveiled on Feb 26 at  Mobile World Conference 2017 and would surely be a treat to its users.