LG To Launch G6 Smartphone On 7th April 2017 At Price Of $708 Check Specs Features

LG has confirmed the G6 will be available in the first week of April. Sprint is wittingly using the G6 launch as a way to harbinger its network’s High-Performance User Equipment (HPUE) abilities. Eventually, Sprint has released details on its part in the LG G6. The shiny metal and glass smartphone will debut on April 7 at Sprint stores and online for $708. Just like Verizon, Sprint is ready to accept pre-orders for the G6, so if you are waiting, the opportunity to order the G6 is almost here.

LG G6 Smartphone Specs Features

The LG G6 runs Snapdragon 821. LG G6 comes with a 5.7- inch Full Vision display which covers over 80% of the front panel and brings 2,880 x 1,440-pixel resolution. The G6 arrives with you facing features, which includes Goggle Assistant, wide-angle cameras, and few gimmicks. Other than that, the phone brings some enticing qualities such as dual camera, which takes advantage of two 13 MP sensors and for the selfies lover, the selfie snapper is of 5MP. Further more, LG has been signed by various manufacturers with its 2.5GHz standard, leaves no stones in its path to latch on to cell towers.

LG To Launch G6 Smartphone On 7th April 2017 At Price Of $708 Check Specs Features

Sprint offers

If you are waiting to pre-order the new upcoming LG G6 or looking for a suitable monthly payment plan, then Sprint has a lot of things to offer you and provide you the best deal. Sprint will offer the G6 for just $29.50 a month for 24 months, along with it; Sprint is happily throwing in a free 49- inch LG television. The offer doesn’t stop here. Sprint is also honoring the promotion for Google home. The good news is that Sprint’s free Google Home offering extends through May 11, which is far more than that of LG’s original, which they are providing till end date of April 30.



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