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Life expectancy will be decreased till we reach 2040


What does a person mean by Life expectancy? It is referred to as the average number of years a person is expected to live in the country they are born. It varies for male and female of different countries. The figures say that average world’s life expectancy is 70.5 years according to United nations for females. This graph of life expectancy changes to 69 years for males. This proves that females are living longer than the males.

Due to improvements in medical field and people are self-concerned for their health and if the things will continue to proceed like this then the life expectancy ration is expected to increase on average with 4.4 years for both women and men till 2040.

New report tells this which is published on Oct 16 in the journal The Lancet.  The authors said But public health choices and policy decisions that we make or fail to make now could set us down various paths, the worst of which could see decreased life expectancy.

In report, it is clearly suggested that there are several factors which say a person is healthy or not. No Smoking, good sanitation, clean water, all contribute to the well being of the human and doing opposite will in turn decrease the age. Based on these different scenarios, there are three scenarios,  a “most-likely” forecast, a “better-health” scenario and a “worse-health” scenario.

A report has been made in which there is a list of diseases which causes the majority of deaths in the year 2040. This study was based on the previous study which included factors in global population between 1990 and 2016. If things are going according to the modeled scenario then ischemic heart disease, stroke, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and road accidents will be the main reasons which will cause early death in 2040.

The researchers are telling that the U.S. will have the life expectancy of 79.8 years in 2040. This estimate is so low and the U.S. will be preceding from other parts of the world as it is expected world will see greater improvement. In Syria, life expectancy will raise from 68.2 years to 78.6 years till 2040. Japan till now have the greatest life expectancy ration and there also it is expected to increase and exceed 85 years in case of male and female both, the same case is with China, Singapore, Spain. Research also told that death from non infectious disease will also be hiked.

“Whether we see significant progress or stagnation depends on how well or poorly health systems address key health drivers,” Foreman said. The key health drivers that can lead to early death are high blood pressure, high body-mass index, high blood sugar, and tobacco and alcohol use, he added.

Dr Christopher Murray who is the director of the IHME said  “In a substantial number of countries, too many people will continue earning relatively low incomes, remain poorly educated and die prematurely,” But the contradicting statement is that Deaths from HIV AIDS will surely increase by 120 percent.

The countries which are having the lowest life expectancy ratio are Republic of Congo, Guinea- Bissau, Lesotho, Somalia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Cameroon.