Live Written Updates Bigg Boss 10 Day 31 Episode 16th November 2016 WU Video Task Result

Live Written Updates Bigg Boss 10 Day 31 Episode 16th November 2016 WU Video Task Result: As we all know, Bigg Boss is India’s one of the most viewed Reality show which airs on daily at 10:30 PM on Colors TV. This year its tenth season of Bigg Boss and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is hosting this season. Manmeet did not want to stay in Bigg Boss house anymore. He says he had earned enough name and fame. Now he seeks to quit the show. Manmeet is laughing and happy and he says Bigg Boss is excellent and now he has changed his plan to leave the show. VJ is happy on listening manmmet’s abusive language.

Bigg Boss 10 Day 31 Episode 16th November 2016 WU

Task: Gaurav and Rupa have to drink karela juice and the one who drinks the juice will win the task. Rohan won the juice work and can take anything six items from the bucket. Om Ji is not getting his mouth medicine due to wich he is not happy. But, in last finally Guru ji takes his medication.

Rohan found Guru Ji sleeping, so they give punishment to Guru ji that he have slept in front of Gaurav team. Due to which all house members are in problem. Guru ji fights with Mona team members while sleeping. On the other side Rohan, the team is happy from this issues. All housemates are making fun of Guru ji. Gaurav and VJ are arguing about the punishment given to Guru ji. All inmates sleep.

Now, in the morning guru ji saying something against Mona in front of Bigg Boss camera to request public. Again buzzer beeps and Rohan team gets the chance to take something from the room.


Niti and Guru ji fights each other because Guru ji called Niti as “Kichad”. Bigg Boss tells that all house mates had done awesome at Luxury Budget task and congrats Rohan team on winning the task. Manveer, Lokesh and Mona are arguing with Guru ji. VJ saying Gaurav is watching Mona as dancing on morning wake-up song. All inmates are making fun of Gaurav because of his attraction towards mona.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to tell two any peoples who have done worst performance in Luxury budget task. And Rohan team selected Guru ji and Nitibha as the worst contestants. And Bigg Boss have arranged food for the housemates except Guru ji and Nitibha will not eat food.

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