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Louisiana State is facing a hard time due to flood


New Orleans is seriously going through a bad time right now. The whole place is under ‘water attack’ right now and still, problems are taking a break yet. New Orleans is already flooded and now the authorities say that the place is going face a hurricane. The authorities, National Oceanographic, and Atmospheric Administration warned Americans about a ‘floodier’ future and a lot of places in Louisiana’s largest city are facing flood problems including the French Quarter.

Tropical Storm Barry is predicted to strengthen into a hurricane, but its slow pace and heavy rains will likely pose the greatest risk to people living along the Gulf Coast and inland areas, forecasters say.
NOAA/NWS, Esri, HERE, Garmin, Earthstar Geographics

Things started to get scary when a weather report claimed that the heavy winds are going to turn into a hurricane by Friday and the whole New Orleans has already experienced 7 inches of rain in just within 3 hours on Wednesday morning. The whole city is flooding with water and the people living in the city are experiencing the flooded streets, flooded garbage storages and cans, and even the vehicles. Some of the citizens in the city went down the street in kayaks.

A citizen of the city named Chandris Rethmeyer said that her car was sabotaged in the flood and she had to walk her way to the safety in the 4 feet deep water. She also told that she was traveling back to her home after a long day as she was working for in the whole night the previous day. Her car got stuck in the underpass due to a car accident and the underpass was loading up with water at the same time. She said, “I was going to sit in my car and let the storm pass. But I reached back to get my son’s iPad and put my hand into a puddle of water.” According to the forecast report, Louisiana state is going to face up to 12 inches of rain by Monday and that level can even reach up to 18 inches.