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Meet the Mad Flat-Earther Launching Himself in the Sky


A mad scientist to fly up in the air in his self-made rocket, Mike Hughes is a flat-Earther who launched himself in the sky on his self-made rocket. He flew 572 meters into the air in the rocket made by him. He is going to attempt the stunt again on August 11, and it will appear in the upcoming series, “Homemade Astronauts.” The series is going to air on the Science Channel this Sunday. Hugues faced some setbacks during his first attempt, but after a few tries, he made it to the sky successfully. During his first attempt, Hughes suffered sourness and injuries in his vertebra.


Hughes is going to try 5,000 feet this time in his refurbished aircraft. He says that his new aircraft is better, comfortable, and reliable. Hughes is using a steam-powered engine, which means that the rocket is use water as the fuel source. His video of the take-off is going to feature in 2020, through which he wants to inspire people who are hiding their desire to fly in the sky with that passion and speed. Such adventure sports are widespread today, and other people attempt to fly in homemade rockets.

Talking about the flat-Earthers, it is an organization who believes that the Earth is flat (which is not true). The Flat Earth society spread their messages through social media, and the group is increasing rapidly. They have members from many countries, including the US, Russia, Germany, Spain, and even India. Hughes is one of the flat-Earthers, but he never relates the flat-earth theories with his passion for flying in the sky. Hughes is aiming for the Karman line, which is called the starting of the space. If he successfully makes it to the zone, then he is going to be the first man to reach the starting line of the outer space.