Maharashtra Capital Mumbai Gets World’s Largest Free Wi-Fi Service For Public

Mumbai a very well known metro city in India, Capital of the state Maharastra stepping towards development in all aspects. Mumbai named as one of the fastest growing City in India and competing with foreign countries in development. In this practice, Chief Minister of the State Maharastra, earlier Launched Public Wi-Fi service which can be served for each and every smartphone user situated in Mumbai. Devendra Fadnavis Chief Minister of Mumbai state has announced the phase 1 of Mumbai Wi-Fi with 500 WiFi Hotspots in various locations in Mumbai.

As it compared with all the public Wi-Fi services available in the world, Mumbai is the largest of all, In the beginning, Mumbai state started with 500 Wi-Fi Hotspots, and he also announced this Hotspot number would be increased to 1200 by 1st May 2017.

Mumbai Gets World’s Largest Free Wi-Fi Service

As per the official sources, it is said that this Mumbai Public Wi-Fi service will be in test mode from January 2 to 8. It is also said, as of now 23,000+ members in Mumbai registered for Free Wi-Fi service and downloaded more than 2 Terabytes (TB) of data. Mumbai Public Wi-Fi started with 500 WiFi Hotspots and will scale up to 1200 by May 1st, 2017. Within the period, engineers will be testing major and minor technical issues, such as Data Speed, Transmission rate, and all other stuff

Maharashtra Capital Mumbai Gets World's Largest Free Wi-Fi Service For Public
Maharashtra Capital Mumbai Gets World’s Largest Free Wi-Fi Service For Public

Earlier this morning, Chief Minister of the State Maharastra Devendra Fadnavis Announced this through his twitter handle.

” #MumbaiWiFi is India’s largest Public WiFi Service & One of the largest globally too. #MumWiFi ”  – Devendra Fadnavis tweeted

A couple of years ago the same concept was shared by Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal. Since then once in a while, Arvind Kejriwal speaks about Public WiFi in Mumbai, but he failed in implementing. Whereas Mumbai Chief Minister made this possible by direct implementation without any publicity. Many social media critics are advising Arvind Kejriwal to learn from him! They also suggested to implement schemes instead of advertising schemes!

People in Mumbai as of now very happy with Public WiFi service. As of now, no complaints till now. Since eight days thousands of people using it without any complaints. Now the challenge is, Will Public WiFi sustains when more than a million people get connected to it?? Let’s wait and see



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