Home Headlines Matthew Borges sentenced to life prison for killing his classmate

Matthew Borges sentenced to life prison for killing his classmate


Bullies are very normal in the teenage but what if that bully turns out to be a murderer? That’s what happened when Matthew Borges killed Lee Manuel Villoria-Paulino. He killed the kid back in 2016 and now he has been granted two life sentences for a charge of first-degree murder. The conviction was announced on Tuesday by Judge Helene Kazanjian. The Jury found him guilty of first-degree murder that he did back in 2016 as he was in the prison since then.

Image Credit: NBC Boston

“There is no sentence I can impose that will bring back Lee Paulino, or that will answer the questions that we all have about how this happened, and how a 15-year-old boy could kill a friend in this manner,” Kazanjian said Tuesday, calling the sentence “appropriate.” He was brought in the courtroom in handcuffs. He had a psych expression on his face and showed no emotions when he was being sentenced. The sentence was granted after Judge Kazanjian heard the emotional views of Paulino mother as his mother said that Borges “should never have the opportunity to kill again, to rob another person of their life.” “Every day we struggle with the fact that his life was cut too short,” Paulino’s mother said through tears. “We drove ourselves crazy trying to make sense of what had been done.” Paulino’s family and friends were also there with his mother in the court on Tuesday.

Everyone wore a black T-shirt which also had Paulino’s face printed on it. Edward Hayden, who is the attorney of Borges asked the court that he should be granted parole after 25 years, as he also mentioned that his client was just a kid back then. “He is not irredeemably depraved. There is hope for his redemption. He can change his life,” Hayden said. Paulino’s body was found on the bank of the Merrimack River in December 2016.