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 Measures To Control The Climate Change


We all are living our lives without realizing that we are making conditions worse for ourselves only. We just ignore the calamities that we are causing to our atmosphere on a daily basis such as, we keep polluting our atmosphere without realizing it. If we look at the previous records, humans are responsible for the regular change in the climate as humans are the ones who are responsible for the emission of the greenhouse gasses and especially Co2. Not to forget that we are the reason behind the increase in the climate-polluting emission as they are at their highest levels than ever. As per the study conducted by Cool Effect, an average America pollutes the air by emitting more than 17 tons of carbon dioxide which is also equivalent to the CO2e which is induced by the greenhouse gasses.

Image Courtesy: kxci.org

If we look over the carbon footprints which were meant to be zero are high enough to harm our atmosphere. There are a lot of strategies that we can apply to make a change in the emission of greenhouse gasses such as by decreasing the personal vehicles on road and traveling by public transport, another way we can make a change is by using the air-conditions accordingly by scheduling the use of the air-conditioners as they are one of the biggest reasons behind the emission of greenhouse gas. Air-conditions have CFC in it which emits a high amount of carbon compounds which harm our atmosphere on a big level. In an interview with Mic, Jonathan Smith, senior director of sourcing and sales at Bluesource Renewables conveyed, “Almost every activity we engage in produces greenhouse gas emissions. On an individual level, your greenhouse emissions include [things like] your commute to work, your plastic takeout containers, [and] the water and electricity used in your apartment. As a country, our collective emissions include those from burning fossil fuels for electricity or transportation, timber harvesting, landfill emissions, and oil and gas extraction, to name a few.”