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Man Charged with Murder and Sexual Assault After Incriminating Memory Card Found on Street by Woman


Brain Steven Smith, 48, a South African Immigrant, was arrested on October 8, from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Smith already charged with murder in the death of Kathleen J.

Henry, 30. He charged with an additional murder and sexual assault. A woman found a lost memory card on the street in the city of Fairview. She informed police about photographs and videos of women being strangled, raped and beaten by men on September 30. The SD card was named “homicide at midtown Marriott”. The map contains 39 photos and 12 videos of a naked woman lying injured and bloodied on the floor.

Image Credit: 5 News Online

During intervening Smith about henry, he confesses to Anchorage police that he shot another woman and provided the location where her body could recover. Later Alaska State Troopers found a skull wounded with gunshots and human remains in the southern part of the city near the area provided by Smith to Police, which they trust of the women in the video.

The second victim identified as Veronica Abounchuk, 52, was reported missing in February by her family, she was last seen in July 2018.

According to Alaska Attorney General’s office, Smith remained in custody at Anchorage Correctional Complex on $72,000 cash bail, but now with new charges, a prosecutor has requested bond increased to $2 million.

Smith public Attorney Daniel L.Lowery has refused to comment on his new charges. The trail on original charges on Smith may start from October 21, Alaska Deputy District Attorney Brittany L. Dunlop said. On Wednesday Smith was prosecuted for eight charges which include murder, sexual violence, murder and tampering with evidence after police discovered a memory card from the street, which contains photos and videos of Smith killing a woman.