Home Headlines More People Pronounced Dead After Cliff Collapse At Southern California Beach

More People Pronounced Dead After Cliff Collapse At Southern California Beach


Two more people were reported dead after the landslide on a famous beach in Southern California, conveyed the authorities. A woman died at the scene, but the authorities sent the news over Twitter after midnight. The authorities said that there were more casualties as two out of three people died in the hospital after a long struggle. The authorities do not reveal the identities as they defined them as adults.


The incident happened at Grandview Beach in Encinitas, which lies in the north of San Diego. Jim Pepperdine, a resident, told the news that he came to know about the happening when he heard sirens and saw trucks going through his area. He explained, “I saw first responders, and I saw lifeguards frantically digging people out of the debris.”

The beach is very famous among the locals and other people who drive there for vacations. Search dogs were called to find the people who got stuck in the pile which was about 10 feet tall, said Encinitas Fire Chief Mike Stein.

The authorities took the significant precautions as they sealed off hundreds of yard of the shoreline. Brian Ketterer, who is California State Parks’ field division chief, addressed that such incidents take place more than four times in a year. Larry Giles, who is the Encinitas Lifeguard Capt. conveyed, “This is a naturally eroding coastline. There’s no rhyme or reason, but that’s what it does naturally. This is what it does, and this is how are beaches are partially made. It has these failures.”

When the bluff happened, there were a lot of people present on the beach. The number of injured people is not sure yet, and the reason behind such cliff falls are the rising levels of the Pacific Ocean. There was heavy debris all over the place, to clear them, a skip loader transported to the site.