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Motorola is back on the game of Tablets and this is to promote DirecTV

Motorola launched a tablet after so long, to promote DirecTV using a TV Mode in the gadget.


It’s been a long time since Motorola stopped making tablets but now the company is back with its new launch in tablet series named Moto Tab an AT&T exclusive. Moto Tab is nothing special, it is just like other tablets in performance, features, and specifications. Moto Tab runs on Android 7.1 with a Snapdragon 625 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a 7,000mAh of a non-removable battery.

Moto Tab

The device measures 10.1-inch in screen display with a 1080p of display resolution. The tab also features a fingerprint scanner mounted under the home screen button of the tab. The prime reason behind this re-entry of Motorola in Tablet industry is DirecTV. The company made a “TV Mode” installed in the tab which allows you to watch your recorded shows and live channels from DirecTV and that is pretty quick on the home screen or lock screen.

This launch of Tablet is basically meant for the promotion of DirecTV from AT& T. The company wants to promote their DirecTV services and for that they planned to launch this tablet. The device will be available to purchase from November 17 at a price tag of $299. This launch is just like the same thing with a Lenovo-branded tablet which is probably under the hood.

It is quite obvious that people rarely choose this tab over the other tablets available in the market like tablets from Samsung, Micromax, Apple and from other brands. This device just comes with a DirecTV option which is not that much needy for current users of the tablet, as according to our knowledge.