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Mustang Shelby GT500 will have a 700-plus horsepower: Ford


American multinational car maker ‘Ford’ is planning to launch its all-new Mustang Shelby GT500 next year, as according to Joe Hinrichs, Ford president for Global Operations.

Mustang Shelby GT500

Earlier Ford was making its GT500 Super Snake before 2014 and after that, the product was stopped under manufacturing. The car will re-enter Ford’s lineup for the first time. The new GT500 will have a “700-plus horsepower” packed with a V-* engine. The current model of Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 boasts 526-horsepower.

With 700-plus horsepower the model will be exactly double powerful than the original 1967 Mustang. The Dearborn automaker said the GT500 will be the “pinnacle of Mustang performance and highlights the innovation, ingenuity, and passion of Ford Performance.”

With this much powerful engine, Ford is os targeting to come parallel with the world’s fastest quarter-mile production vehicle SRT Demon which boasts 840-horsepower. Ford didn’t release any finalized photographs or videos of GT500 rather the announcement was just made at a part of the Detroit Auto Show on Monday night.

The GT500 was the sixth product which Ford teased or showcased at the auto show of 2018. On Sunday the company also unveiled a new Edge ST, the 2019 Ranger, a limited edition Mustang Bullitt, and a new hybrid F-150 model named as Mach 1. At Detroit Auto Show Ford also announced to build 40 new electrified models by 2022.

This GT500 could be the next sports car from Ford which will get listed in the top fastest cars available. No doubt that the company will pack this product with powerful specs and features. The company also showcased show close-ups of the vehicle which can be observed in the videos available on internet and YouTube. The GT500 clearly depicts Ford’s relationship with Shelby of 1960s.