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NASA announces the names of the Astronaut who will travel in Crew Dragon


Image Courtesy: SpaceX

NASA is one of the biggest space organizations in the whole world and if we talk about private space organizations, the first name that comes up in our mind is SpaceX which is owned by Elon Musk. SpaceX and NASA have been working together on the project to send astronauts to the International Space Station. SpaceX has been working hard and have completed almost every test such as sending the rover with supplies and equipment on the ISS and safely return to the Earth. So now SpaceX is done with all the essential tests, NASA has finally decided to send their astronauts on ISS in the rover designed and made by SpaceX. Bob Behnken, 48, and Doug Hurley, 52 who are the shuttle veterans were there at the time of the launch of the Crew Dragon capsule to International Space Station. NASA has come up with the names of those astronauts who are going to travel in Crew Dragon by SpaceX and they are, Mike Hopkins, 50, and Victor Glover, 43, these two veterans are appointed for the launch of the spacecraft with two other members who belong from other countries. Due to some failures, they SpaceX suffered during the test of the Crew dragon, the launch may take place in 2020 and the astronauts covered for SpaceX as they said that the business of space flight is never ideal. Hurley conveyed in an interview with Reuters, “People to a degree think it’s pretty glamorous to be able to go into space, but it’s actually like a messy camping trip.” The interview was conducted at  NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. SpaceX has been experiencing a lot of problems as recently their craft  Crew Dragon was blown apart during the thruster tests which was specially designed according to the safety of the crew members at the time of system failure.