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NASA open the doors for tourist to visit the International Space Station


International Space Station is one of the fanciest places in the space we have till now. ISS is the place where astronauts not only from the US but also from Russia and several countries stay up there and study the nature of the earth and perform researchers over different objects present in space. International Space Station has a great view indeed as seen in the videos from NASA. Now that NASA is done with the astronauts, the US agency is giving a chance to the common people to visit the International Space Station. Tourists and other business ventures are being given a chance to visit the ISS so that they can explore the ISS and enjoy the view from up there.

Image Courtesy: Euronews

According to the statement conveyed by Robyn Gatens who is the deputy director of ISS said that the US agency will allow two visits per year. The US agency is allowing only 30 days on the International Space Station and the tourist astronauts will be traveling from the spacecraft made in the US. As per the chief financial officer Jeff DeWit, “Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before.” People who will be traveling to the ISS will be given perfect training and have to go through medical exams. Two companies who are taking initiative for taking the astronauts to ISS are SpaceX and Boeing. Crew Dragon from SpaceX and Starliner from Boeing are the spacecraft who will be carrying the tourist astronauts to the ISS. Normally these companies charge more than $60 million for sending an astronaut to the ISS but the tourists have to pay just the normal ‘taxi fair’. Back in 2001 US businessman Dennis Tito got a chance to visit International Space Station and he had to pay $20 million for the ride.