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 NASA Shared A Time-lapse Of Earth Travelling From Pacific Ocean To Atlantic Ocean


International Space Station is the biggest achievement ever made by the human race. ISS is the place where cosmonauts stay and perform their researches on Earth and other space objects. It is not only America who is associated with the ISS as it is a joint effort of several countries. The ISS keeps on orbiting our planet and the scientists present on ISS regularly reports different images and studies on earth. Recently, NASA shared a time-lapse captured by astronaut Nick Hague. Hague shared a time-lapse video of the view from International Space Station hurtling over the Earth’s low orbit. The video was shot for straight half an hour of orbit time around the Earth and was turned into a one minute time-lapse. The time-lapse consist of the journey of ISS from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The view was just mesmerizing as the video showed the dark side to the brighter of Earth. The sky full of clouds, the white layer over the blue surface made it look magical. The sensational sight filmed 254 miles over Earth. Mr. Hague shared his experience via tweet as he said, “Took a moment to capture the beauty of our planet today. I was awestruck as I watched the wispy clouds disappear into the shadows.” The ISS cost $150 billion to build and Nick Hague has been there since March 14 and will return to his home in October. Mr. Hague shared an update after two months of his arrival on ISS, he shared in May, “2 months into my stay on @Space_Station! What’s it like adjusting to life in space? My back stretched out due to lack of gravity & I’m now 2 inches taller, fluid shifts make me feel a bit stuffy, & the tops of my feet now have calluses since we use them like hands-on handrails.”