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Netflix “Jessica Jones” Season 2 May Release Next Year


The Netflix is still not ready to break its silence about the release of “Jessica Jones” season 2. However, there are a lot of rumors that the series might premiere early next year, although there is no definite date yet. There is another report which hints that “Jessica Jones” season 2 is set back on release to give way to “The Defenders” and after that it will release in a dynamic form.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date

Netflix “Jessica Jones” Season 2 May Release Next Year

Despite of the fact that “Jessica Jones” season 2 is still far from its known premiere, but the craze for the show isn’t going down and countless theories are already coming out about season 2. One of the theories suggests that season 2 will emphasize on Jessica’s love life. The romance between Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) has been cut-short in the later part of the series. As whenever it comes to Jessica’s love life, Luke Cage is someone closest to her. So, it is being said that Luke will crossover to Jessica to share the love that they have already started in season 1. Interestingly, the fans of “Jessica Jones” now believe that it is the high time for them to portray their love written on Marvel comic books.

Other than the fulfillment of romance in Jessica’s life, the show has something more for her. Rumors are that the villain of season 1, Jessica’s long-term enemy will reappear in “Jessica Jones” season 2. No, he isn’t alive, Jessica murdered him in season 1, and spoilers say that Kilgrave will appear only on flashback, .i.e., in Jessica’s memories. Although, Jessica will have to face certain problem because of this flashbacks and the sin she had committed in season 1. This further suggests that she will suffer in season 2 and will carry emotional baggage in ways she did not imagine.