Home Headlines New Biden Gaffe Raises Question of Truth in Trump’s Post-fact Era

New Biden Gaffe Raises Question of Truth in Trump’s Post-fact Era

New Biden Gaffe Raises Question of Truth in Trump's Post-fact Era
New Biden Gaffe Raises Question of Truth in Trump’s Post-fact Era: Image Source

CNN Reports: The most error susceptible Democratic frontman has yet again invited towards him a new series of blunders when he told a story about an Afghan who was a war hero, this story seemed to be made up by him by mixing three separate stories.

Last Friday, in New Hampshire, while talking to a captivated crowd Biden assured them about the story of an Afghan hero of the war, later on, the facts of the story had to be checked by The Washington Post. “This is God’s Truth. My word as a Biden.”

The series of blunders done by him recently is happening in a politically chaotic environment because of the U.S President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is so error-prone that he utters wrong words; he forgets the most important things and makes a number of other blunders that the U.S President makes purposefully in routine.

Nowadays, a debate has begun in the U.S citizens about how to differentiate the truth and a lie in politics. The voters now find it hard to distinguish facts from lies, because the leaders like Biden who usually makes a lot of errors and the twisting of facts that the U.S President loves to do are now a routine matter. In fact, the fact bending by Trump still continues at a historic rate.

The series of lies uttered by the U.S President has now broken down into pieces the traditional ways of assessing a political leader’s personality his following the truth. President Trump’s habit of lying in routine did not disqualify him politically. In fact, exactly the contrary has been experienced in president trumps case in which he creates his own reality and his close and loyal companions believe in it with closed eyes.

This new era is so overflowing with lies that the 2020 election campaign is seen at a record point of inflection.

There is a new trend being observed in the U.S politics and each word that the candidates utter has to be checked for falsehood several times by large media groups that like to break the news of misconduct of a candidate. These are the challenges that have been imposed by President Donald Trump. The fact is that it is the time when the so important truth seems to be as devalued as ever because in the present era president Trump is the living example of lies and power grows stronger. The lies uttered by President Trump did not harm his political career at all.

In a CNN’s program “Cuomo Prime Time” on Wednesday night in a bizarre moment the spokesperson for Trump’s re-election campaign Kayleigh McEnany claimed that Donald Trump has never lied to the people of America.

The behavior of president trump has led a number of critics and media commentators to believe that the politics has entered the era in which the truth cannot be seen anywhere and today there is no punishment for twisting the truth and lying.

It’s no more a news that Joe Biden the former Vice President of America is a blunder expert. If his bloopers were on a reel it would be miles and miles long, it might start form his favorite place Delaware to Iowa.

There are a number of Democrats who argue that getting stuck on Biden’s slips of the tongue is a negligence of the duty by the experts of Beltway when the President is shredding the image of the country.

Last December, in Montana Joe Borden, admitted that he was a blunder machine then he claimed that he was far better than the guy who could not tell the truth no matter what. He even said that he is ready to sue all the wrong things but he was skeptical about what they were and what type of nation they are becoming?

Howard Dean who was a democratic presidential candidate in previous elections said on Friday that the series of lies by Trump mean that the pauses by other candidates are not taken seriously.

He said that if the voters have enough patience to forgive the president for being corrupt and filling his own accounts with money than they should have no problem in forgiving Joe Biden few mistakes. Speaking in CNN’s program “New Day” Howard Dean said that Trump is responsible for lowering down the standards with which the conduct of the politicians is judged so much that it seems that the rules of judging the conduct have changed.

Is President Trump Unique Or Is Politics In An Era Of Lies?

The biggest test of the 2020 elections campaign will be whether Trump is unique or an expert liar? Or he has set the trend of leadership that has lowered the standard of truthfulness in public. If the standards of judging the conduct of politicians are so low then how can the mistakes and blunders made by Biden are judged?

Should they really weaken the foundation of this campaign that he is the best person who can defeat Trump?

The results of the re-election of 2020 will shed some light on the question that has become a hot topic of discussion all over the world about the future of U.S politics, and the position of Joe Biden. The whole world is keeping an eye on the future elections of America.

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