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New Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Camera May Beat Google Pixel


Upcoming Blackberry smartphone which also referred as final smartphone manufactured by Blackberry getting ready to launch officially at Mobile World Congress which is going to held in the month of February in Barcelona! There are stunning expectations on upcoming Blackberry smartphone named BLACKBERRY MERCURY. As per the source information we have, this device may have a stunning camera which may beat Google Pixel. There are heavy chances that BlackBerry Mercury Could Steal The Limelight From Google Pixel As This Year’s Best Camera Phone! Let’s have a look at Blackberry Mercury Features.

Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Features Specs

Blackberry Mercury expected to have 4.2Inch Multi-Touch display. The Rear camera of Blackberry Mercury is expected to 12MP which supports 4K UHD Video recording. Coming to front camera of Blackberry Mercury, it maybe 8MP to capture high-quality selfie cameras. The point about the camera is that Blackberry Mercury may use  Sony’s fairly new IMX378 image sensor in the camera which lets you take ultra high-quality images even in low light conditions and also supports 4K video recording. For front facing camera, Blackberry mercury may use either Samsung’s S5K4H8 sensor or OmniVision’s OV8856.

New Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Camera May Beat Google Pixel
New Blackberry Mercury Smartphone Camera May Beat Google Pixel

However, the blackberry mercury has a small display which is just 4.2Inch which is smaller than any smartphone of the current generation. The device Blackberry gonna impress all techies, and smartphone users with its camera. It is also said that this device camera may beat the camera of Google Pixel and may stand out as Best Camera smartphone of the year! However, the official confirmation on Blackberry Mercury Features will come out 25th February at Mobile world Congress.

Apparently, this is the last and final device which is getting manufactured in Blackberry inhouse. From next smartphone onwards, Blackberry devices will be manufactured in TCL in House. As we all know that, on 16th December 2016 TCL entirely acquired Blackberry smartphones. May TCL manufacture best of Blackberry smartphones! Let’s wait and see. All techies are eyeing towards Blackberry last in-house smartphone Blackberry mercury! Will it compete with Google pixel smartphone or not? Let’s wait and see!

What do you think? Which one is best? Google pixel or Blackberry Mercury? Do let us know your valuable opinions in below comments section!


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