Nokia Is All Set TO Launch A New Virtual Assistant Named Viki

Nokia is gearing up with a giant come back in 2017 by working on a voice assistant for its upcoming Smartphones. Nokia is one of the finest multinational communications & informational technology company which was founded in 1865. Nokia has registered himself with a new trademark in the EU by the name “Viki”. Nokia might be the name of the new voice-activation personal assistant which the company is preparing & working on. In 2016, some of the biggest international techs such as Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft etc. has also announced their own new voice-activation personal assistant.

Nokia New Virtual Assistant Viki Details

Nokia is allegedly working on its own virtual assistant, named “Viki”. In the description of the product section for the voice-activation, the personal assistant is described as the “software” for the creation & monitoring of the mobile apps & working with the digital knowledge & with the voice-based interface.

A virtual assistant is an increasingly present tool in the smartphone market, from the well-known Siri or Cortana which are especially the high-end devices in the market.

Nokia Is All Set TO Launch A New Virtual Assistant Named Viki
Nokia Is All Set TO Launch A New Virtual Assistant Named Viki

By the name it is suggested that “Viki” is a smart artificial intelligence powered assistant app certainly, being a virtual & voice-activated personal assistant but, on the other hand rumours are also suggesting that “Viki” might be a new project of Nokia on which he is working these days but, we can’t be sure until Nokia made his final announcement for the same.

Nokia is entering the market with the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) software where there are many voice-activated assistants in existence such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa & Bixby etc.

Nokia will be at the challenging phase by coming in the market with the new voice-activation personal assistant where there is already some artificial intelligence software in existence.

There is no probable launch date for the “Viki” virtual assistant mentioned about the same. Till then, wait for the newly virtual assistant that will aggressively arise in the market.



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