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Official: OnePlus 5T will be announced on November 16 in New York

OnePlus 5T will have its global launch on November 16, Thursday in New York.


As we have mentioned in our earlier updates of OnePlus 5T that the device was expected to be announced on November 16, and now its official. Smartphone giant OnePlus announced that they will be unveiling their OnePlus 5T on November 16 and the sale will begin just after a week from release.

OnePlus 5T Phone

The company announced the release date just before a week but the teasing updates were continues on facebook. The device will have its launch at Brooklyn, New York and this time the passes for the event if of $40.

The company decided to make the phone available first in Europe and North America just after a week from the launch i.e. from 21st November. Following to that 28th November in India and lastly December 01 in China.

Smartphone OnePlus 5T is also in high buzz as it is the updated sequel of company’s most successful launch OnePlus 5. The device is expected to come with many fruitful and upgraded features than OnePlus 5. The launch event will also be showcased on OnePlus’s official website for all its fans but this time OnePlus has taken a step by inviting fans instead of just media units in against a ticket of just $40.

Getting the box filled with own employees and partners is an old way for a launch event but now OnePlus has adopted the much trending launch pattern i.e, by inviting normal fans as a paying guest for the event. These guests are actually paying to have an advertisement session. But in return, they’ll have the first look at the smartphone.

This will make the room filled with people who actually want to have the premiere visit over the smartphone. It is expected that the device will come a 6-inch screen display and an upgraded hardware.