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Officials Warn Rep. John Ratcliffe For The Position Of DNI


Rep. John Ratcliffe accused of a whistleblowing case which was passed on to the White House. It came out that he was involved in the case through an email. He withdrew his name from the position of Director of National Intelligence. As per the sources, the incident took him hard this time as the email disclosed that Ratcliffe was promoting a company which retaliated against a whistleblower.


The company also reprisal the efforts towards the cybersecurity threat. Whistleblowers are covered by a government organization which goes with the name The Government Accountability Project; the organization is representing the employee. More details of the case are not out yet because of the security reasons. The Government Accountability Project passed on an email which included the information in defence of their client. The White House Officials and the Republicans examined the data, and they were those people who denied Ratcliffe’s involvement in the DNI’s task, as per the sources. Ratcliffe has not made any comments over the situation.

On the other hand, White House spokespeople have not provided any information on the case. Open Secrets, which is a non-profit organization, provided data in which Ratcliffe’s third-largest campaign donor company was responsible for the major shutdown of the government cybersecurity office. The source also passed that Ratcliffe was the one who represented the company to the House Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Cybersecurity.

Irvin McCullough, who works for the Government Accountability Project opened up and said, “While I am concerned that there was never a complete review of the facts of this case as it related to Mr Ratcliffe … I’m thankful the committee took this matter seriously. This engagement exemplifies the need for policymakers to continue championing their work with courageous whistleblowers willing to speak truth to power.” The news is still unclear whether the email has sabotaged Ratcliffe’s nomination for DNI.