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Paul Walker’s Lawyer Says Porsche Knew Carrera GT Was ‘Dangerous And Unsafe’


The tragic death of Paul Walker, star of ‘The Fast and The Furious’ through a Porsche Carrera GT car crash was among the most sensational shocking news of the decade. The death of Paul Walker was more than tragic for his friends, family, fans and to the Porsche brand as the death impacts a negative image to describe the Porsche. The lawyer of Walker claimed that Porsche concealed the fact that Porsche Carrera GT was unsafe, dangerous and this could seek more trouble to an automaker.

Porsche Knew Carrera GT Was ‘Dangerous And Unsafe’

The Concealed Truth

Porsche had intentionally concealed the fact that Carrera GT supercar proves to be a dangerous vehicle. Jeffry L. Milam, the lawyer of Paul Walker stated that he learned that Porsche has hidden damaging evidence with them in connection to that how dangerous and unsafe the Carrera GT is. Milan stated that the automaker did this to protect its brand and image. The Porsche Carrera GT was the car involved in Paul Walker’s accident where he is the casualty. Milam mentioned that the company should withdraw the car from the market for being unsafe and dangerous. For now, Porsche didn’t took any step yet, as Porsche Carrera GT model is still out there in the market.

Paul Walker's Lawyer Says Porsche Knew Carrera GT Was 'Dangerous And Unsafe'

The Damaging Emails:

Emails have been found by Paul Walker’s Lawyer that contained damaging information Porsche. The message contained by the E-mail said ‘another GT is being crashed and would be a great news for GT owners as it is becoming rare’. Apparently the mail was sent by the manager of Porsche as reported. It was also stated that the automaker was trying to hide the emails including the names of people that could potentially be the witnesses of Paul Walker’s case.

What This Means

If it get proved that Porsche concealed the facts about Porsche Carrera GT being unsafe and dangerous then the automaker will not only have to face the legal issues but it will also like to get a stain on the good brand name. The allegations put now on Porsche are either true or not but it is hurting the brand name in term of marketability.