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Pelosi Puts No Timetable on Trump Impeachment Inquiry


On Thursday, Justice Department officials and White House were enraged after the combative news briefing by acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. On this news briefing, Mike Mulvaney insisted President Trump did nothing inappropriate, but he confirmed that Trump’s dealings with Ukraine amount to a quid pro quo.

Image Credit: Washington Post

In Washington, President Trump scourged out against the impeachment process during a cabinet meeting on Monday. As trump continues to unnerve many of his Republican allies by insisting on a personal and uncoordinated response to his mounting challenges, the White house gathering turns into a Trump-run war room. Trump railed against his dealings with Ukraine and blasted on the investigation clause of the constitutions.

On Monday, the administration officials play down GOP anxiety as the passing of difficult junctures for trump. The Congressional allies said that they remain uneasy about the president’s freewheeling style amid multiple investigative and political threats. They further said that they are making that clear to the president, who remains confident in his ability.

On the impeachment, the white house has resisted calls to build a political operation to counter the democrats. Stephen Bannon, the former chief strategist, and the trump allies have meditated in starting their investigation to boost the president. Many top Trump advisors dislike Bannon as they do not trust him due to his hard-line nationalism. The uproar for a more efficient and united impeachment front is expected to carry on for a week.

On Friday white house press aides said that Mulvaney’s standing unchanged in the white house in the wake of his news conference. In the news conference, a statement said by Mulvaney hours; he later attempts to retract what he said about a quid pro quo on Ukraine. Mulvaney also acknowledges that he had not considered resigning.