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Plans Of Climate Change May Effect Due To The High Emission Of Methane


Climate change has been affecting our earth on a big level as the main cause behind the rise in the temperature is air pollution which is being caused by the humans themselves. The rapid rise in the exertion of the greenhouse gasses is leading to the destruction of the earth as it is also causing harm to the human lives and other lives residing on the planet.

Plans Of Climate Change May Effect Due To The High Emission Of Methane

The emission of the gas methane is increasing on an extensive level which may lead to the failure of the goals set as per the Paris climate agreement. A new study was published recently by the researchers from NOAA which stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as they said that the gas emission which is increasing in amount is being transferred from the tropic region of the earth.

Euan Nisbet, professor of earth sciences at the Royal Holloway University of London, told the Financial Times, “Methane’s unexpected rise is a major challenge to the Paris agreement and we don’t know why it’s happening, he added, It looks very much as if the warming is feeding the warming, but exactly how is a major puzzle.

Looking at the numbers, it shows that the gas methane is the second largest reason behind the rising levels of global warming after carbon dioxide. Methane can trap heat by 28 times for more than the next 100 years. The release of methane has increased by 50 percent between the years 2013 and 2018.

Professor Grant Allen, an atmospheric physicist from the University of Manchester who has been working on the Global Methane Budget project, told The Independent, “Since 2006 methane concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising and not only rising but accelerating. All of the atmospheric models that try and explain where those extra emissions come from have been pointing us towards the tropics. We never had measurements there until recently.”