Home Headlines Police proving extra patrolling around Powerball jackpot winner’s house in  Massachusetts

Police proving extra patrolling around Powerball jackpot winner’s house in  Massachusetts


Massachusetts woman, the winner of biggest single ticket Powerball jackpot is getting extra petrol, Police are giving extra petrol around Mavis Wanczyk’s home in Massachusetts.

She won the $758.7 million Powerball jackpot of Wednesday night’s drawing with the single ticket and created history. Wanczyk is an employee in a hospital in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

She was with a colleague at the time she checked the lottery ticket number and told her that she has won the gigantic $758.7 million Powerball jackpot.

A spokesperson for Chicopee police, Officer Michael Wilk said on Friday, “This is a great thing.” Wilk added, “We want her to know we’re there if she needs us.”

According to the Officer Wilk, Police are providing the extra security around her home in Massachusetts, the officers alert the neighbours and tell them to contact police if they notice something suspicious.

As per the reports from Wanczyk’s neighbours, media persons are respectfully doing their work while other are just hanging around to ad looking for the Powerball’s biggest and undivided jackpot winner.

Officer Wilk said, “Besides media, there have been people knocking on doors, asking people where she lives. We’re not going to tolerate her being harassed or bothered.”

Officer Wilk said that neighbours told police that Wanczyk is not around.

As per the reports, Wanczyk decided to take the amount of $480 million — $336 million with minus taxes. She has quit her hospital worker job after she gets to know that she had won the Powerball jackpot of Wednesday night drawing.

Wanczyk has two adult children, her son and daughter accompanied her on Thursday and claim the winning lottery prize. As per the records, her ex-husband had died in a hit-and-run accident in November last year. William Wanczyk and Maviz Wanczyk divorced in 2012. 20-year-old Peter Sheremeta from Belchertown was arrested and charged with drunken driving and manslaughter.