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Premiered! iZombie Season 3 1st Episode Review Spoilers; “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother”


The CW’s American Zombie series iZombie is back with its 3rd season almost after once year of hiatus since the season 2 concluded. Season 2 of iZombie introduced Liv Moore gaining access to a Max Rager party with her friend-cum-ex-boyfriend Major and friend detective Clive Babineaux and how they all faced off against a new variety of zombie, called Super Max zombies. After Season 2, the CW renewed the famous zombie series for a third time with 13 new episodes and the premiere of the series screened on April 4, 2017.

iZombie Season 3 1st Episode Spoilers

“Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother” – the Third Edition of iZombie Season perks up just where the aggressive, climactic Season 2 finale ceased. The season 2 closed down as Liv, Major, and Clive, attempting to manage things with Fillmore Graves’ Vivian Stone post-Max Rager massacre, and Blaine, Peyton, and Ravi struggling to elucidate the Boss shootout or their tongue-tied love triangle to a Don Lamb-type cop and the third season just premiered at the same point, giving fans a clear hint that the following episodes are going to be highly exciting and thrilling. In simple words, most of the premier episode of the latest season was some much-needed knock-on effects or wrap-up from that killer Season 2 climax.

Premiered! iZombie Season 3 1st Episode Review Spoilers; "Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother"

Most fundamentally, the makers of iZombie Season 3 try to make something that the show has never attempted before. The premiere of the season 3 ensures all of its protagonists to remain on the same page, and thankfully it does feel good. However, it doesn’t look as dreadful as the last season, but, at this point, Liv and associates know very little about the motives and plans of Philmore Graves, and this is expected to be the prime twist of the show. However, a quick visit to the communal headquarters can tidy up some of their misunderstandings.

On the other hand, Phillmore Graves is getting ready for ‘D’ Day or Discovery Day – the day that humanity detects about zombiekind. They do have a private military, their own island, the Supermax formula, and everything. Phillmore Graves doesn’t look as to be particularly evil so much as practical and equipped. And hence it is now impossible to tell if there will be a distinction when the zombie chip drops or not.

One of the best parts of iZombie Season 3 Premiere was the relationship between Clive and Liv. The iZombie Season 2 finale left off relationship of Liv and Clive would in an exciting mode and this series has started the string from that particular point. When Liv’s stoic combatant zombie brain starts to fade and she begins feeling despondency over the murder of his boyfriend Drake, it is Clive to whom she breaks down and it is Clive only who tells her that his boyfriend was already dead. iZombie season 3 does give major friendship goals, especially the friendship between male and female characters, far better than other shows on television. In the coming episodes, it will be nice to see where Liv and Clive’s relationship goes forward.