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Problems That Scientists And Astronomers May Suffer Due To Starlink Satellites


Image Courtesy: Forbes

SpaceX is one of the biggest space organizations in the world and it has a tendency to change the future. Elon Musk who owns the company has worked really hard for his achievements in the field of space and technology. SpaceX recently launched a spacecraft to ISS which also reached and came back to earth. The main motive of the rover was to carry supplies and necessary equipment. It also returned to the earth successfully as now SpaceX has decided to send humans to the ISS. Another achievement that SpaceX unlocked was that the company 60 of their Starlink Satellites to the orbit of the Earth as its motive is to provide the Internet at low-cost without any interference of the dishes. SpaceX’s plan is to send 12,000 satellites up above the atmosphere. The view of the satellites from down here amused many people but experts have their own questions regarding the height of the satellites. Planetary astronomer Alex Parker of the Southwest Research Institute said that it is going to hard for everyone to experience the night sky as the 12,000 satellites will appear so shiny that people won’t be able to see the real stars. The International Dark-Sky Association conveyed that the solar panels and the metallic body is going to shine during the night which will not allow people to see the night sky and the stars. The organization representatives conveyed in a statement, “The rapid increase in the number of satellite groups poses an emerging threat to the natural nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies, which the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has worked to protect since. We do not yet understand the impact of thousands of these visible satellites scattered across the night sky on nocturnal wildlife, human heritage, or our collective ability to study the cosmos.”