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Puerto Rico To Give $271 Million For Border Operation


As we all know, Puerto Rico is in threat of getting attacked by the storm.

Earlier in this year lot of money was donated to Puerto Rico to get the island recovered and to protect themselves against the storms and hurricanes which are expected to attack the island soon.

Image Credit: NPR

US government is trying their level best to protect that island is US President himself is doing a lot and working on many strategies to protect Puerto Rico.
Earlier this year there was a plan to construct massive walls around the border of the Country, but the project got dropped as US President Donald Trump gave that money to Puerto Rico for it’d redevelopment.

Before the storm hits the island, the department of security and Agency of Management in Emergency gave $271 million to the Government regarding the borders security plan of President’s Donald Trump.

All these departments will transfer all the fund, including funds raised from FEMA’s disaster relief fund to support the border management, immigration, and other custom plans and enforcement.

Team of US President Donald Trump is planning to give all the money to the department to put efforts to separate the jail migrant families is so evil, rude and cruel.
Diverting of all the money to other departments was not essential and was a waste of time, and the US Guard officers can be disturbed because of that said Roybal-Allard.

She also said that she was thinking and was concerned about the immigration agencies and other departments, and it was supposed to forget about the budget.
She also added everything should be treated equally if it’s about border security, criminal cases, or any matter and the Government should take care of everything.