Reason Behind The Ban Of Baahubali 2 Film In Karnataka! SS Rajamouli Reaction

The one of the biggest and most awaited movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is all set and scheduled to have a remarkably great and hyped release on the Box-office, while on the other hand, the movie got banned in one of the states of India. While there are movements started against the movie by many Pro-Kannada Organisations, which are demanding an apology from actor Sathyaraj, who is playing a key role in the movie of ‘Kattapa’.

Baahubali 2 Ban In Karnataka

The movement is a controversial statement being made by Sathyaraj in the movie which he made several years ago. While there are news that they will let the movie to release if he will ask for the statement or apologize for the mistake. The targeting being done on the basis of a statement said in the very past is not at all right and acceptable. While the movie’s director S.S Rajamouli is very shocked to see the statement on the social media and also told in the interview that he has worked with Sathyraj for almost five years and I could’ve never imagined about such an incident to happen, or anything said to hurt someone.

Reason Behind The Ban Of Baahubali 2 Film In Karnataka! SS Rajamouli Reaction

While there were several other movies which got released after it and there were no issues till the release of Baahubali 2 release dates. While many celebrities have also come in favor Rajamouli in this respective matter and is considering this matter as ‘not right’ in any manner. While the most considering thing in the movie is that, Sathyaraj is neither the Director, nor a major or lead role in the movie, he is just a supporting role. While there will be no effect on him, by banning the movie.

Some other news officials stated that there were no major statments being made by Rajamouli and they’re not going to make any statment on this matter too, as this is a very sensitive issue and doesn’t want to instigate it further. There are still very uncertainites towards the movie regarding the release, as there is a very major issue being made out of this not so big statement, while turning the anger of Sathyaraj’s statement on the movie is not at all right for anyone. The worldwide release of the movie is scheduled to be on the 28th of April, but the major question is. Will it go to get its release in Karnataka?

According to the reports, no distributors or movie exhibitors have bought the rights of the theatrical of Baahubali 2, which is pegged around Rs.40 Crore. While due to this Anti-Baahubali movement, there are certain chances of backlash from Pro-Kannada Group.

So this is going to be major headlines for the coming time to see what happens, will Baahubali 2 see its release in Karnataka or not.

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