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Reign Season 4 Episode 3 ‘Leaps of Faith’ Promo Video, Sneak Peek, Spoilers


Now The CW has released some of the photos to promote the upcoming third episode of season 4. The episode 4 headline titled as ‘Leaps of Faith’ and the new photos has been released for the promotion.

Mary made a decision which could change the course of history – Ben Geurens (Gideon) shows Adelaide Kane (Mary) that what life would be turn into if she chose love over country. Megan Follows (Catherine) fights to cover Spencer MacPherson (King Charles) increasing the erratic behavior, while Rose Williams (Claude) has unlikely found an enmy in her sister Leeza (Guest star Anastasia Phillips). Jonathan Goad, Rachel Skarsten, Will Kemp, Dan Jeannotte, Celina Sinden and Crain Parker star. April Blair has written the episode which is directed by Charles Biname ans Laurie McCarthy.

Reign Season 4 Episode 3 ‘Leaps of Faith’ Spoilers

Gideon agrees to show Mary that how things would have been for her if she decides to see the love over country and Catherine tries to manage King Chales on a new reign which is going to be air on Friday at 9 pm on WCCCB, Charlotte’s CW.


About Reign

The story hidden between the lines of the history books about Mary Stuart, the young woman whom the world know as Mary, Queen of Scots. The Mary in her Teenage is already having a headstrong Monarch – passionate, beautiful and poised from the very beginning of her enourmously rising power. An another court has also been introduced to us by reigns and that is of Elizabeth ‘Virgin’ queen of England.

Elizabeth faces opposition on all side in her early reign and all from men who doubted the woman’s ability to rule. Like Catherine De Medici and Mary, she goes through a lot struggle to hold on to love and power. The woman have much in common, Elixabeth and Mary are reluctant foes, each positioned by birth, but foes nonetheless and the fate that destroy all the other holds dear. Starring Torrance Coombs, Adelaide Kane, Rachel Skarsten, Megan Follows and Anna Popplewell.