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Researcher Found “Time Crystal” As New Form Of Matter


A researcher from university of California, Berkeley has described the way of making and measuring the properties of the crystal that have the structure to repeat itself and known as time crystal. The conventional crystal consists of an atomic structure that repeats itself in space like the carbon lattice of Diamond whereas time crystal continues to repeat in time because they are kicked periodically. It is like tapping a Jell-O repeatedly to jiggle, Yao said in a news release from UC Berkeley.

“Time Crystal” As New Form Of Matter

Yao argued that these particular crystals repeat in time than that are the first of a large class of new materials that shows a natural form out of the equilibrium which is unable to settle down to the motionless equilibrium, for example Diamond and Ruby. This is really cool as this is the new for which proves out to be the first example of non-equilibrium matter. He said ‘we have been exploring the equilibrium matter from the last half century like metals and insulators. Now we are the new starting of exploring a whole new landscape of non-equilibrium matter’.

Researcher Found "Time Crystal" As New Form Of Matter
Researcher Found “Time Crystal” As New Form Of Matter

Yao’s blueprint have already created the first ever time crystals and Yao’s blueprint is followed by two groups. The groups at the Harvard university and university of Maryland reported their successes using the two different setups in the papers posted online last year and both with the Yao as co-author.

It has been described by Yao that how the time crystal would change phase, like an ice cube melting under the different laser pulsing and magnetic fields. Yao worked closely with Monroe as in his Maryland team that made the new material, helping them to focus on the important properties to confirm the material for the rigid time crystal.

According to Yao, symmetry of the material leads to unique and stable properties is define as crystal and a time crystal breaks the time symmetry. Especially in this case, the magnetic field and laser periodically driving the ytterbium atoms produce the repetition in the system, something which is unusual for the normal system.

Yao said ‘you have some periodic driver of system ‘T’ but the system somehow synchronized that you observe the system oscillating with the period larger than ‘T’